Vape Devices are battery operated devices that are used to create the vapor produced when heating the e-liquid.

They can be broken into two major types, protected & unprotected.

Protected Devices have circuit board with safety features like low battery cutoff protection, over current protection, overcharging protection, short circuit protection.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate vapers.

Unprotected Devices have no circuit board, thus no protection at all.

Must be used only by advanced vapers.

They can be safe, but only if they are in the right hands!

The following applies to unprotected devices

Rebuildable atomizers paired with Mechanical Mods:

All rebuildable atomizer coils must first be tested prudently with a proper meter prior to it being used, as untested atomizer coils can be extremely dangerous.
Coils that have been improperly configured or are otherwise faulty can blow your Mechanical Mod, which can result in serious injury to you and/or your property.
Atomizer coils that have been newly constructed must be tested on a meter, then first used on an advanced personal vaporizer (APV) that has all of the appropriate safety features, including short-circuit protection. Once the atomizer coil has been tested and used on such a device, you can then cautiously use the coil on a Mechanical Mod.

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