Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers, often referred to as RDTAs (Type of a RBA), are a hybrid atomizer where the build deck is located above the tank section. They were inspired by the Genesis-styled tanks where users have the option of having an atomizer core like a RDA but comes with a juice tank. RDTAs offer the best of both worlds in comparison to the other rebuildable atomizers. The top mounted build deck resembles that of a RDA and is wicked downwards into the e-Liquid within the tank section.

All rebuildable atomizers will require you to either make the coils yourself or use pre-built coils.

Usually they are Hybrid Safe (Protruding 510 center pin) so they can be used with Faux Hybrid Mechanical Mods safely.

* These are considered specialist atomizers and are not suitable for use by those who do not have an understanding of battery safety, Ohms Law & rebuilding.

** Don't forget to remove hot spots by pulsing your round wire coils before first use! (Unless the round wire coils are not micro coils, but spaced coils instead)

DO NOT pulse Ni200 or Ti1 coils!! Build spaced coils instead.

Warning: Use extreme caution using Ni200 or Ti1 coils.

If your device supports TC Mode / TCR Mode, choose the proper TC Mode or set the proper TCR value

If you use them in Wattage Mode or you've chosen the wrong TC Mode / TCR value you'll might burn them and inhale some very TOXIC fumes.

Rebuildable atomizers paired with Mechanical Mods:

All rebuildable atomizer coils must first be tested prudently with a proper meter prior to it being used, as untested atomizer coils can be extremely dangerous.
Coils that have been improperly configured or are otherwise faulty can blow your Mechanical Mod, which can result in serious injury to you and/or your property.
Atomizer coils that have been newly constructed must be tested on a meter, then first used on an advanced personal vaporizer (APV) that has all of the appropriate safety features, including short-circuit protection. Once the atomizer coil has been tested and used on such a device, you can then cautiously use the coil on a Mechanical Mod.

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