Do not use Bridge Coil Adapters with AIO Mech Pod Systems. There is a risk of short circuiting and overheating of the battery.
Use only RBA Bridges with a protruding fixed center pole & Boro Tanks.

* Don't forget to remove hot spots by pulsing your round wire coils before first use! (Unless the round wire coils are not micro coils, but spaced coils instead)

The AIO Mech Pod Systems Aka "Also known as" Unregulated without protections, apply mechanical firing button and ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NOVICE VAPERS because they lack completely electronic protections.
Do not allow the voltage of each battery (resting voltage) to fall below 3-3.5V

In order to protect himself and those around him from the possibility of a discharge of the battery with an intensity that far exceeds its CDR (a case that can lead to a thermal runaway and a possible explosion / ignition of the battery) the user MUST DEFINITELY have knowledge of the following:

• Ohm's Law

• Li-ion battery safety

• Electrical conductivity

Rebuildable atomizers paired with Mechanical Mods:

All rebuildable atomizer coils must first be tested prudently with a proper meter prior to it being used, as untested atomizer coils can be extremely dangerous.
Coils that have been improperly configured or are otherwise faulty can blow your Mechanical Mod, which can result in serious injury to you and/or your property.
Atomizer coils that have been newly constructed must be tested on a meter, then first used on an advanced personal vaporizer (APV) that has all of the appropriate safety features, including short-circuit protection. Once the atomizer coil has been tested and used on such a device, you can then cautiously use the coil on a Mechanical Mod.

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