A vape tank, also known as an atomizer, is the vape device component that holds your vape juice as well as the coil which heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid. On most vape devices, the tank sits on top of the battery. Tanks are usually made of glass cylindrical bodies with metallic tops and bottoms. They contain a wick that soaks up e-liquid which is then heated by the coil.

Warning: DO NOT use Standard Tanks with Faux Hybrid Mechanical Mods or a hard short might occur which can result in the battery bursting.

If your Tank accepts Ni200 or Ti1 coils, use extreme caution

Choose the proper TC Mode or set the proper TCR value

If you use Ni200 / Ti1 coils in Wattage Mode or you've chosen the wrong TC Mode / TCR value you'll might burn them and inhale some very TOXIC fumes.


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