* Sold single, unless stated otherwise 

Bridge Coil Adapters are designed for Billet Box Boro Pods/Boro format Pods. Each Bridge Coil Adapter type accepts different factory coils.

For instance, Dovpo Abyss Tank (Bridge Coil/RBA Bridge Pod) accepts PnP/GTX coils, Nautilus coils, EUC coils, Caliburn G coils, Caliburn G2 coils, Nord coils, by using the proper Abyss Bridge Coil Adapter.

* Boro format introduced to the market in 2014 with Billet Box Rev 4 & also replaces the 510 thread connection like the previous Billet Box Models (First Billet Box up to Rev 3a). The Boro name itself comes from the use of borosilicate glass as the sliding cover of the original R4 Boro Tank.

• If your Bridge Coil Adapter accepts Ni200 or Ti1 coils (e.g. Dovpo Abyss Pod Nautilus Bridge Coil Adapter accepts Aspire Triton Mini Ni200 Coils), use extreme caution

Choose the proper TC Mode or set the proper TCR value

If you use Ni200 / Ti1 coils in Wattage Mode or you've chosen the wrong TC Mode / TCR value you'll might burn them and inhale some very TOXIC fumes.

•  Bridge Coil Adapters utilize stock coils, thus, they must NOT be used with Boro format AIO Mech Pod Systems or any Mechanical Mod when compatible.

Compatibility List available bellow the Rabbit Hole (BRIDGE COIL ADAPTERS COMPATIBILITY LIST)